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Talk by Baver Demircan at Koç (CANCELLED)

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The following event was announced a few days ago. Unfortunately, due to our speaker’s health situation, it had to be cancelled.

Baver Demircan (Üsküdar University)

“Being and Thought in Hegel”

Friday, December 15, 14:00-16:00, 2017, CSSH SOS 104, Koç University

Organized by the Philosophy Department of Koç University


The Hegelian Logic provides the conceptual – categorical structure of natural and spiritual processes. Nature and Spirit are more advanced determinations of this logical structure. The categories in the Logic do not belong to our intellect, even if their dialectical correlations are described as pure thought-determinations (forms) by and in the mind. It is Being that deduces dialectically the categories from one another in its development; and when the development in the Logic is completed, it becomes manifest that Being is nothing other than the Idea as such (the logical Idea). The idea as such develops and realizes itself as Nature or natural processes, and returns to itself as the sphere of Spirit by mediating itself with Nature. If we consider the Logic as the universal of the development process of the Hegelian substance, that is to say, if we take it as the in-itself (an sich) of this development process, its existence is for us and the subject of reflection. In other words, as the onto-logical structure of the whole system it is exposed by the act of reflection, but it is the development of such an onto-logical structure as natural and spiritual processes that grounds its exposition by and in the mind. The logic constitutes the in-itself of the actuality – of the process of being itself of the Hegelian substance. But it is also the self (selbst) of this development process, since the natural and spiritual processes are conceptually exposed through the categories as the totality of dialectically deduced thought-determinations by the act of reflection. Therefore, two aspects of the Hegelian logic have to be taken in consideration on the basis of the distinction and relation between in-itself (an sich) and self (selbst) of the Hegelian substance. In this speech, we are going to give our own rationale for not treating the Hegelian logic as a transcendental logic.

Written by Erhan Demircioglu

December 12, 2017 at 2:26 pm

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