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Conference Announcement: “Interactivism In PerspectIve: CelebratIng Mark BIckhard’s ContrIbutIons to the Psychology of the Whole Person”

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Title: Interactivism in Perspective: Celebrating Mark Bickhard’s Contributions to the Psychology of the Whole Person

Dates: 25th – 27th June 2021

Place: Online (Zoom/YouTube)

Conference website (now also including a complete library of Mark Bickhard’s work!): https://www.ecointeractivism.com/conference

Contact: interactivistconference2021@gmail.com

Registration (only registered participants will receive the Zoom link before the event!):

Conference program can be found at this link.

Since its inception as a model of mental representation, interactivism has developed into a broad theoretical framework for understanding whole persons and their complex socio-cultural ontology. The present conference is a celebration of the work of interactivism’s creator and main advocate – Mark Bickhard.

The conference will involve three panels dedicated to three areas of major interest to interactivist theory – normativity, representation, and language. It will also feature traditional talks by researchers working within or in close relation to the interactivist framework.

Panel speakers (including Mark Bickhard in each one):

Please go to the website for additional materials related to the conference (pre-recorded talks and relevant articles by Mark Bickhard and the other panelists).

Individual talks:

Richard Campbell, Robert Campbell, Müge Kuyumcuoğlu, Alex Levine, Georgi Stojanov, Lucas Thorpe, Itay Shani, Jedediah Allen, Adrian Frazier, Robert Mirski

Organizing Committee,

Jedediah Allen, Oğuz Erdin, Adrian Frazier, Robert Mirski, Itay Shani

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June 10, 2021 at 9:18 pm

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