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Cognitive Science Talk at Bogaziçi: Emrah Aktunç (Ozyegin) “Productive theory-ladenness in functional neuroimaging” (07/05/2019)

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Emrah Aktunç (Ozyegin, Psychology)  will give a talk on Tuesday, May 7th, from 5.15-6.45pm in JF507.  Everyone is welcome.

“Productive theory-ladenness in functional neuroimaging”

Abstract: Several developments in different fields for diverse scientific goals had to take place to eventually give rise to functional neuroimaging as one of the central research paradigms of cognitive neuroscience. Functional MRI, the most commonly used neuroimaging technique, stands on solid foundations established by the physics of magnetic resonance and the physiology of hemodynamics and is complimented by computational and statistical techniques. I argue, and support using concrete examples, that these foundations give rise to a productive theory-ladenness, which enables researchers to identify and control for the types of methodological and inferential errors. Consequently, this makes it possible for researchers to represent and investigate cognitive phenomena in terms of hemodynamic data and for experimental knowledge to grow independently of large scale theories of cognition, the implications of which I will discuss in the context of cognitive ontologies.

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May 5, 2019 at 8:45 pm

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