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Workshop at Koç on the Philosophy of Aristotle’s Biology (10-11/05/2019)

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Aristotle's Biology (6)
The Philosophy Society and the Department of Philosophy at Koç University wish to invite all who are interested, and especially advanced undergraduate and graduate students, to participate in its upcoming Workshop on the Philosophy of Aristotle’s Biology. The workshop will be held on 10 and 11 May at the ANAMED Auditorium in Beyoğlu, İstanbul. For further details, as well as to register to receive updates, readings, and to reserve a place at the workshop, please visit https://aristotlesbiology.wordpress.com/. Registration and participation are free of charge.
The Philosophy of Aristotle’s Biology
Aristotle is most well known as a philosopher. But he was also a scientist, and above all a biologist. In recent decades, readers of Aristotle the philosopher have come increasingly to acknowledge the extent to which his most celebrated contributions, from his ethics to his metaphysics, are indebted to the work of Aristotle the biologist. The seminars in this workshop will explore crucial connections between the work of Aristotle the philosopher and Aristotle the biologist, in an effort to bring out, for students and specialists alike, the biology of Aristotle’s philosophy as well as the philosophy of Aristotle’s biology.

Written by Lucas Thorpe

April 14, 2019 at 9:38 pm

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