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Cognitive Science talk at Boğaziçi: Fuat Balcı (Koç, Psychology): “As the Irish say “Speed and accuracy do not agree”: Brain, Time, and Errors” (09/04/2019)

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Fuat Balcı (Koç, Psychology) will be giving a talk at Boğaziçi this Tuesday (09/04/2019) in JF507, starting at 5.15pm:

“As the Irish say “Speed and accuracy do not agree”: Brain, Time, and Errors”


ABSTRACT: In this presentation, I will talk about the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlay the adaptive decision threshold modulation. I will demonstrate that apparently suboptimal biases in decision making might actually be adaptive responses to endogenous uncertainty in magnitude representations. I will then show that humans can monitor the direction and magnitude of errors in their temporal and numerical estimates (that originate from uncertainty in their magnitude representations) in the absence of feedback. I will argue that such “metric error monitoring” ability might serve as one of the sources of the adaptive-bias signaling in decision-making. After showing these behavioral and psychophysical interactions between subjective time and decision making, I will demonstrate their theoretical integration by arguing that both interval timing and decision making can be modeled based on the same generative processing dynamics. Finally, I will present the results of our recent neuromodulation studies that investigated the neural basis of controlled-modulation of decision-making and will offer a neurocognitive framework for conceptualizing the adaptive nature of decision-making.


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April 7, 2019 at 8:38 pm

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