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Benjamin Lennertz will give a talk at Bogazici University (Jan 15)

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Benjamin Lennertz (Colgate University) will give a talk at Bogazici University on January 15 at 15:00 in JF507. The title and the abstract are below. All are welcome.

Title: Probabilism without (Substantive) Arguments
Abstract: Probabilism is a popular view about the rational requirements governing thoughts about what is likely and unlikely, which says that the strengths of such thoughts for a person should conform to the laws of probability. The formal epistemology literature contains several complex and controversial arguments in favor of Probabilism. In this paper I will neither advocate for nor challenge any particular such argument. Instead, I will show how, if we adopt a simple, alternative account of the nature of thoughts about what is likely, Probabilism requires no substantive argument to support it; it follows trivially from the nature of these attitudes and their contents. I suggest that this is a strong, though not decisive, reason against the picture of such thoughts that is standard in formal epistemology.

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January 11, 2019 at 12:16 pm

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