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CFA: Graduate Conference in Political Theory – Amsterdam

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A message from the organizers:

Değerli hocalarım ve öğrenci arkadaşlarım,
Lisansüstü öğrenciler ve doktorasını yeni bitirmiş (post-doc) araştırmacıların katılımıyla gerçekleşecek olan Amsterdam Siyaset Kuramı Konferansı’nın özet çağrısını aşağıda sizlerle paylaşıyorum. Düzenleme komitesi olarak konferansımızda dengeli bir uluslararası çeşitlilik gözetmeye çalışacağız. Sizlerden bu iletiyi ilgilenebilecek  doktora sonrası araştırmacılarla ve doktora öğrencilerinizle paylaşmanızı rica ediyorum.
Uğur Aytaç
CfA: Amsterdam Graduate Conference in Political Theory

23-24 May, 2019, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Keynote speakers: Simon Caney (Warwick), Lisa Herzog (TU München)

The conference offers graduate students and postdocs the opportunity to present their research in a vibrant intellectual environment and receive feedback from dedicated discussants. Each session will give those presenting a chance to engage with faculty and students from the University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit as well as the keynote speakers.

The theme for this inaugural event is: “Bringing Theory to Practice“. This includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • The ways in which normative political theory can or should be in dialogue with the empirical study of society, i.e. how normative-institutional prescriptions should be informed by empirical evidence; how empirical studies should be responsive to normative considerations.
  • The new challenges to democratic participation and political decision-making in a ‘post-truth’ world characterised by citizens’ alleged distrust of traditional institutions (e.g. mass media, scientific expertise, parliaments) and the affordances of digital and social media.
  1. Doing normative political theory in non-ideal conditions: theorising the changing world order (e.g. Trumpian foreign policy, the rise of nationalist movements, climate change, mass migration, as well as resistance, e.g. by fourth wave feminist movements).

Papers that address any of these topics are welcome, as are papers that address the conference theme more broadly. This conference is aimed at researchers working on any subfield and/or tradition of Political Theory/Political Philosophy. We also welcome papers from interdisciplinary researchers (e.g. Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science) whose work is at the intersection of normative and empirical studies of society.

Abstract submission deadline: 31.12.2018. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by 31.01.2019. 
Format: Please format abstracts for blind review, excluding any personal and institutional information. Furthermore, we require a short cover letter that includes your institutional affiliation, contact information, and a brief bio outlining your research interests. 
Length: Abstracts must not exceed 500 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography. 
How to submit: Please email your abstracts to amsterdamptc2019@gmail.com
Paper submissions: Successful applicants will be required to submit the full papers before 10.05.2019. Papers must not exceed 6,000 words.
Funding: There is no participation fee. Lunches and refreshments will be provided, regrettably we are unable to provide any funding for travel or accommodation.
Contact: Please contact amsterdamptc2019@gmail.com for further information.
Organizers: Ugur Aytac, Gerrit Schaafsma, Lea Klarenbeek, Alex Thinius

The Amsterdam Graduate Conference in Political Theory is a joint enterprise of PhD students from the University of Amsterdam (Departments of Philosophy and Political Science) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (John Stuart Mill College), as well as the Amsterdam Center for Political Thought.

Further information: See the website amsterdampoliticaltheory.weebly.com


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October 4, 2018 at 9:11 am

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