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Talk at Boğaziçi: Yasemin Sarı (Northern Iowa)on “Refugees and Artificial Equality” (10/08/2018)

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Yasemin Sarı (Northern Iowa) will give a talk on:

Refugees and Artificial Equality

August 10th, Friday 17:00, JF 507.

Abstract: In this work, I examine the structural complexities at play in the ongoing refugee crisis by reassessing the rule characteristic of the nation-state and its exclusive logic of citizenship. Taking seriously Arendt’s conception of a “right to have rights,” developed in the Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), my work aims to reassess the principle of equality embodied in human rights discourse. In doing so, I deal with what is owed to the refugee by reassessing the principles of “non-refoulement” and “equal treatment” to understand what equality entails for the rights of the refugee; and explore the recognition of the refugee as a potential political agent in society. Such recognition invokes the need for “artificial equality,” a term referring to the preconditions for the political effectivity of citizens and refugees, understood as a means to allow the refugees to claim their human rights.

Written by Lucas Thorpe

August 9, 2018 at 11:03 am

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