1st Bilkent Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

DATE: 29 April 2017
PLACE: Bilkent University, Main Campus, Room: A-130
Refreshments will be available between the talks.
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Was David Hume Really an “Empiricist” Philosopher?
Ali Mert İnal, Yeditepe University
Commentator: Kerem Eroğlu
Knowing One’s Own Intentional Actions: Knowledge in Intention, and Its Implications on Knowing Other Agents and Other Minds
Emre Fatih, Koç University
Commentator: Sandy Berkovski
12.00-13.30 Lunch Break
A Skeptical Approach to “Suicide”: Suicide as a Human Right
Dilara Boğa, Bilkent University
Commentator: Deniz Ergun, Anıl Karasaç
Is a Strictly Non-Normative Epistemology Plausible?
Bartuğ Çelik, Bilkent University
Commentator: Zacharus Gudmunsen
The Ontology of Questions: A Case Study for Formal Ontology from Experimental Philosophy Perspective
Taylan Cüyaz, Aysun Şen, Murat Ertaş, METU
Commentator: Istvan Aranyosi
“What am I?” or How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Dualism
Nazlıcan Kanmaz, Boğaziçi University
Commentator: Fatih Görücü
• Each talk will consist of a presentation of 30 minutes, followed by a commentary of 15
minutes and a Q&A session of 10 minutes.