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Conference at Bilkent: Persons, Selves, and Organisms

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Personal identity – under what conditions do we persist over time? – is among the perennial questions of metaphysics. In recent years, the question of personal identity gave place to the closely related question of personal ontology: what kinds of things are we most fundamentally? The question of personal identity has often been discussed in tandem with philosophical investigations into the nature of the self: is there a thing we refer to when we say ‘I’? Is the persistence of our selves tied to personal identity? By contrast, the relation between the question of personal ontology and the self has largely been neglected. This conference will explore various issues at the intersection of personal identity, personal ontology, and the topology of the self.New_persons,selves,organisms-01.png

February 4-5, 2017
Department of Philosophy,Bilkent University

Organized by:

David Kovacs, Rina Tzinman (Bilkent).

Keynotes :

Eric T. Olson (Sheffield) , Hong Yu Wong (Tübingen),

See here for the program and here for full details.

Written by Sandrine Berges

January 11, 2017 at 10:59 am