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Sehir University Philosophy Talks 27 The Aesthetics of Sublime/Patrick Roney (the talk is postponed to 23 December)

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“Whatever happened to the Aesthetics of the Sublime?”


ABSTRACT: There was a time when the question of art and its future was answered in a decisive way by the return to Kant’s aesthetics of the sublime. The name most associated with this trend was Jean-François Lyotard, and his concern with the sublime formed one of the most essential characteristics of what has been called, appropriately or not, the Postmodern. Since then however, Lyotard’s conception has been strongly criticized in a number of ways that have also been directed at the entire discourse of a postmodern aesthetics. Foremost among these critics have been Jacques Rancière, whose idea of an “aesthetic regime” of art reaffirms by contrast the continuing predominance of the beautiful as an inexhaustible horizon of possibility for our time. My presentation will address this reversal of trend away from the Postmodern and the aesthetics of the sublime by focusing on the two main protagonists in disagreement, Lyotard and Rancière. In doing so I will attempt to consider what is actually at stake in the aesthetics of the sublime, particularly in relation to the future of art.






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December 5, 2016 at 2:24 pm

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