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Sehir University Philosophy Talks 22 On The Irreconcilable Conceptions of Social and Political Justice

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Following John Rawls, leading contemporary political philosophers, like Martha Nussbaum, aim at some form of consensus or rational agreement about justice. However, the notion that a consensus on social and political justice could be achieved was questionable from the start. This was made evident by Robert Nozick’s immediate and strong disagreement with Rawls. This talk argues for the need of a significant shift of the research perspective on social and political justice. It criticizes the notion that a consensus about justice is possible, laying out a few of the insurmountable disagreements about just distributions and a just society that have existed from antiquity till today. The talk prepares the ground for a discussion of the reasons for the fundamental oppositions concerning social and political justice found within existing moral intuitions.

Everyone is wellcome.


Written by metindemirsehir

April 24, 2016 at 10:32 am

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