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Talk at Bogazici: Fredrik Haraldsen (Marie Curie Fellow at the Slovak Academy of Sciences), “Where is Sherlock Holmes?”

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Please join us for a talk at Bogazici University, Friday, March 25, 5pm, TB 130 (Anderson Hall).

“Where is Sherlock Holmes?”

Fredrik Haraldsen, SASPRO/Marie Curie Fellow,

Slovak Academy of Sciences


David Lewis famously argued that according to fiction f, p is true should be analyzed as in the closest possible worlds in which f is told as known fact, p. Despite its intuitive appeal – and the ease with which the analysis provides the intuitive correct truth-values (and even explanations) for claims about fiction – the approach has surprisingly few followers. The problem is in part the implication that fictional characters are possible (but non-actual) objects, a consequence that has engendered objections both from metaphysics and from philosophy of language. In this talk I will defend possibilism with an emphasis the language-related problems. I will in particular provide a response to Saul Kripke’s very influential objection to possibilism and show that if names are directly referential, which they are, then fictional characters should be possible objects. In general, I will argue that fictional and modal discourse should receive the same interpretation with regard to referential relations and ontology, and if possible worlds provide good models for modality they provide good models for fiction, too.


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March 18, 2016 at 1:56 pm

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