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Şehir Üni. Philosophy Talks 18 Kelly James Clark: God and The Brain

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GOD and THE BRAIN: The Science of Mind and The Rationality of Belief / UnbeliefPT_18_MAILING_SON

18 December 2015 Friday, 15:00

Sehir Üniversitesi, West Campus, Room 2008

Prof. Kelly James Clark
Senior Research Fellow at the Kaufman Interfaith Institute at Grand Valley State University

Are we hardwired to form our most precious beliefs? Cognitive science has shown that the human mind/brain is hardwired for god-beliefs. If there is a cognitive science of religion, though, is there likewise a cognitive science of irreligion? Recent psychological studies have shown connections between atheism and a cognitive good (inferential thinking), on the one hand, and atheism and a cognitive defect (autism), on the other. Does the former make atheism rational and the latter make atheism irrational?

* The conference will be conducted in English.

* Everyone is welcome.



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