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Two Events, Kelly James Clark (Kaufman Interfaith Institute,GVSU)

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Please join us at Bogazici University for two events with Kelly James Clark, Senior Fellow at the Kaufman Interfaith Institute.

Workshop: The Cognitive Science of Alliance and Conflict

The cognitive and evolutionary science of religion argues that religion played a crucial role in securing human cooperation. Big Gods were essential to the development of increasingly larger non-kin human groups. Thus, alliance. Yet the very cognitive dispositions that create, define and shape in-group likewise create, define and shape out-group. Thus, conflict.

1-3pm, Wednesday, December 16

TB 130 (Anderson Hall 130)



Talk: God and the Brain: the science of the mind and the rationality of belief/unbelief

Are we hardwired to form our most precious beliefs? Cognitive science has shown that the human mind/brain is hardwired for god-beliefs. If there is a cognitive science of religion, though, is there likewise a cognitive science of irreligion? Recent psychological studieshave shown connections between atheism and a cognitive good (inferential thinking), on the one hand, and atheism and a cognitive defect (autism), on the other. Does the former make atheism rational and the latter make atheism irrational?


5-7pm, Wednesday, December 16

location: M 1171


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