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Talk at Bogazici, Balder ten Cate (UC Santa Cruz), “Guarded Negation”

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We have a logic talk coming up a week from today, details below,
Balder ten Cate, UC Santa Cruz
Monday, July 20th, 17:00, TB130
“Guarded negation”
One of the major themes of mathematical logic in the twentieth century has been the satisfiability problem for first-order formulas, also known as the classical decision problem and as Hilbert’s Entscheidungsproblem. In full generality, the problem was shown to be undecidable by Alonso Church and Alan Turing in the 1930s. In order to circumvent this negative result, which is sometimes called “Church’s Curse”, various decidable fragments of first-order logic have been proposed (i.e., syntactic fragments of first-order logic for which the satisfiability problem is decidable). These fragments typically involve restrictions on quantifier alternation, on the number of variables used in formulas, or allowed patterns of quantification. In this talk, I will discuss a recently developed, different approach to taming first order logic, that restricts the allowed use of negation in formulas. It turns out that this leads to expressive decidable fragments that generalize a number of existing formalisms and use cases from different areas of application, such as data management and temporal logic.

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July 13, 2015 at 4:32 pm

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