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Anil Gomes (Oxford) at Koç University (İstiklal Location): “Unity, Passivity, Objectivity”, Thursday, June 25th

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Anil Gomes (CUF Lecturer in Philosophy, Oxford University, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Trinity College)

‘Unity, Passivity, Objectivity’

Thursday, June 25th,  16.00-18.00

RCAC (İstiklal Cad. No:181, Beyoğlu) ALL WELCOME!

Abstract: P.F. Strawson’s take on Kant’s transcendental deduction of the categories in The Bounds of Sense contains stretches of argument as dense, difficult and downright puzzling as anything to be found in Kant. My target in this talk is the section ‘Unity and Objectivity’, in which Strawson argues that ‘for a series of diverse experiences to belong to a single consciousness it is necessary that they should be so connected as to constitute a temporally extended experience of a unified objective world’ (p.97). More prosaically: unity of consciousness requires experience of an objective world. In this talk I’ll attempt to reconstruct and assess Strawson’s argument. I’ll then use the failure, as I see it, of Strawson’s argument to motivate an alternative connection between unity and objectivity, one which turns on the passivity of perceptual experience.

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June 18, 2015 at 2:48 pm

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