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Talk at Istanbul Şehir University, Marc Rölli (Zurich), Political Aesthetics

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Political Aesthetics – Remarks on the Philosophical Foundations

Professor Marc Rölli is head of the research focus „theory and methods“ at Zurich University of the Arts


The research field referred to as ‘political aesthetics’ is currently a very active inter- or transdisciplinary workplace. It is a nodal point for several ongoing debates: image research under the aegis of cultural studies; political theory studies on the distinction between politics and ‘the political’; sociology research linked to the proclaimed ‘spatial turn’; and new developments in the field of media theory.

In the paper a number of philosophical topic clusters will be reviewed essential to theoretical clarification of the philosophical assumptions underlying political aesthetics. I begin with aesthetics itself, describing the concept’s origins in Idealism and the difficulties associated with it (1). A second step leads to the philosophical theory of perception, its history closely interwoven with that of aesthetics (2). In a third section I address the concept of ‘the political’ and the question of whether the dimension of power and dominance, accentuated by the currently much-debated ‘political difference’, is linked to the intensification of political rhetoric manifested in every present-day cultural arena (from the street to cinema and television to the internet) (3). Finally I shall turn to two of the variants of a philosophy of the “lived world”, anthropology and pragmatism, so as to return to the terrain of social theory and highlight the enduring nature of certain political themes or their special relevance to problems of political aesthetics (4).

Please join us:

Istanbul Şehir University West Campus, meeting room 2008
May 27, 14.30, http://www.sehir.edu.tr/en/Pages/cover.aspx?key=85
Contact: manuelknoll@sehir.edu.tr

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