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Talk and Workshop at Bogazici University, David Liebesman (Calgary)

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Next week we’ll have David Liebesman (Calgary) in town for a read-ahead paper workshop and a talk. Please join us. Here are some details:

Read-ahead paper Workshop:

“Counting as a Type of Measuring”

Thursday, May 28th, 3-5pm, TB 365 (Anderson Hall)


There is an intuitive contrast between counting and measuring. Counting, the thought goes, consists of correlating non-identical objects with cardinal numbers. Measuring, on the other hand, seems to require more: invoking a conventional scale that allows for more-fine-grained values. I argue that this contrast doesn’t bear scrutiny. When we appreciate the full range of counts, it becomes clear that counting is a type of measuring.

(please email marksteen@gmail.com for a copy of the manuscript if you would like to attend).


“Criteria of Partiality and the Mass/Count Distinction”

Friday, May 29, 4-6pm, TB 130 


Why can’t we count using mass nouns like “water”? A familiar idea is that mass nouns don’t come with a built-in criteria of individuation. This familiar idea is now unpopular. I argue that it contains a grain of truth. The difference between mass and count nouns is not that the former lack a criteria of individuation, but, rather, that they lack a criteria of partiality. The notion of a partial house is perfectly sensible. A partial water, however, is not. On the view I develop, this contrast underlies the mass/count distinction.


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