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Talk by Philippe van Haute (Radboud, Nijmegen) at Koç University “Back to normal? Patho-analytic reflections on the status of the perversions in Lacanian metapsychology”

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Psychoanalysis quite often presents itself as a liberating theory and practice. According to Arnold Davidson Freudian psychoanalysis breaks away from a ‘psychiatric style of thinking’. In doing so it undermines the conditions of possibility for the construction of the sexual perversions as separate and independent mental disorders. Indeed, according to Freud the different perversions show us the building blocks of the sexuality of the human being as such. Lacanian psychoanalysis claims to perform a ‘return to Freud,’ but at least with regard to the status of the perversions it falls back into the psychiatric style of reasoning that Freud wanted to overcome. It does so because it understands sexuality from the perspective of sexual difference. Such a perspective inevitably leads to a conservative and normalizing theory that Freud wanted to overcome in the first place.

Koç University, Wednesday 29th April, 4pm, SOS 104


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April 27, 2015 at 1:21 pm

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