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Theories of the Good Life | Conference at Boğaziçi University

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Please join us for the following conference. All are welcome:

Theories of the Good Life

Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Philosophy Department

November 22 2014, Room: TB 310 (Anderson Hall, South Campus)


10:00–11:00       Elena Irrera (Bologna), The Erotics of Beauty in Plato’s Symposium: a Path to Happiness.

11:15–12:15      Manuel Knoll (Istanbul), Aristotelian Hedonism. Human Nature as a Foundation for a Hedonist Ethics

 12:30–13:30     Maria Liatsi (Ioannina), The Epicurean Recipe for Happiness

13:30–15:00        Lunch Break

15:00–16:00      Christoph Horn (Bonn), Is there some Individualism in the Ancient Ethics of Good Life?

16:15–17:15     Giovanni Giorgini (Bologna), Alasdair MacIntyre, the Community, and the Good Life

17:30–18:30       Monika Betzler (Bern), The Value of Childhood and the Good Life

18:30                 End of Colloquium


Manuel Knoll (Manuel.Knoll[At-symbol]lrz.uni-muenchen[DOT]de)

Nevim Borçin (nevimborcin[AT symbol]gmail[DOT]com)


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