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Talk on Cosmology at Bogazici, “Is there a Dark Sector or was Einstein Wrong?” Scott Dodelson, Fermilab

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Sorry that this is last-minute, but I heard about it last-minute



“Is there a Dark Sector or was Einstein Wrong?”

Observations over the past decade suggest that most of the energy in the Universe is in the form of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. The hunt is on for the identity of these new substances as we strive to understand how they fit in to the rest of physics. Recently, attention has turned to another possibility: there is no dark sector but Einstein’s theory of gravity needs to be modified. We are now faced (again!) with a contest between two competing ideas: Change the fundamental laws of Nature OR Introduce new substances.  Which will win and how will we find out?

Albert Long Hall
8 Mayis Persembe saat 15:30-16:30
(saat 15:00-15:30 kahve & cay)

Scott Dodelson received his PhD in physics at Columbia University, did post-doctoral work at Harvard and then at Fermilab. He was hired on to the staff as scientist and since has served as head of the Theoretical Astrophysics Group and co-founder and Interim Director of the Fermi Center for Particle Astrophysics. He is the author of Modern Cosmology, a graduate textbook, and 150 papers exploring the connections between particle physics, the very small, and cosmology, the very large. Dodelson is currently focusing on the Dark Energy Survey in Chile and the South Pole Telescope, which measures radiation left over from the earliest moments of time.

Scott Dodelson is one of the first people that showed that the spatial geometry of the universe is “FLAT”!

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