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Talk, Anita Leirfall (Bergen), “Kant on Absolute Space as a Ground and the Feeling of Inner Difference Between Spatial Directions”

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Bogazici University,

TB 130 (Anderson Hall 130)

Thursday, April 10, 5-7pm

Kant on Absolute Space as a Ground and the Feeling of Inner Difference Between Spatial

In this talk I shall present a novel interpretation of Kant’s argument in his work Concerning the Ultimate Ground of the Differentiation of Directions in Space from 1768 that we have a distinct feeling of an inner difference between directions like, for instance, left and right, in the subject. I will argue that this feeling of an inner difference is caused by a negative magnitude which is causally efficacious. Kant presents his arguments concerning negative magnitudes in his work Attempt to Introduce the Concept of Negative Magnitudes into Philosophy from 1763. In this work he argues that a negative magnitude is an effort, or a power, of the mind. Further, we become conscious of this power of the mind through an inner feeling. A negative magnitude is a special form of mental activity that is neither the spontaneity of a discursive thought nor a receptivity of the senses. By drawing on Kant’s arguments in the latter work, I hope to shed light on some of the more convoluted arguments in Kant’s work from 1768 on space and spatial directions.

Anita Leirfall is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen. Leirfall also teaches courses in theory of science and animal and environmental ethics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Leirfall’s research focus is on the theoretical philosophy
of Immanuel Kant, in addition to a research interest in metaphysics, space, causation, agency and free will.

For more information on Prof. Leirfall:


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