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Talk at ITU (10.12.13): Rainer Brömer on ‘Bioethics from Theoretical and Applied Perspectives’

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Tuesday 10th December, 1.30

Istanbul Technical University

Department of Humanities and Social Science Seminar Series

“Bioethics from Theoretical and Applied Perspectives”

Rainer Brömer

İstanbul University Medical Faculty (Çapa)

Beşikçizade Center for Medical Humanities (BETİM)

‘Bioethics is a field of interdisciplinary research between philosophy, science, and medicine. With the increasing reach of medical technology and its impact on human life, doctors and other healthcare professionals have become increasingly compelled to confront novel medical ethical dilemmas (e.g., brain death concept). A growing sensitivity to animal suffering and the detrimental impact of human activities on the biosphere have led to a revaluation of ethical issues regarding non-human life forms, too. Often the same sources for bioethics are being interpreted in diametrically opposed ways, while attitudes deriving from different traditions can cause conflict in pluralistic societies (e.g., veganism among Muslims during Kurban Bayramı). We will look at the state of practical bioethical debates in Turkey today from the perspective of different theoretical approaches.’

Department of Humanities and Social Science
Seminar Room
Faculty of Science and Letters
Istanbul Technical University
Central Campus

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December 4, 2013 at 8:51 pm

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