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Wed. Nov. 27th Prof. Bernard Flynn (The New School, NY) at Koç: “Machiavelli and the Origins of Modern Politics”

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Professor Bernard Flynn will give a talk at Koç University on Wednesday, November 27th, at 16: 45 in the Social Sciences building room 104, entitled “Machiavelli and the Origins of Modern Politics.”

All welcome!

Abstract: This paper shows how Machiavelli breaks with the traditions of both classical political philosophy and Christianity. Contrary to what many other interpreters claim, this break does not issue in the positivism of political science. Following the political philosophy of Claude Lefort, I will contend that Machiavelli elaborates nothing less than, as Lefort writes in Le travail de l’oeuvre Machiavel,  “a new ontology.” The Prince  is read not as a handbook for governing, but rather as a phenomenology of the process by which political power becomes anonymous, no longer invested in the person of the prince, but in the place which he occupies. The paper will also suggest the direction of Lefort’s  thought after his work on Machiavelli.

More info at: http://events.ku.edu.t/d/527229441488

Going to Koç University:

From Sarıyer: Dolmuş leave from Sarıyer Iskelesı to Koç university every ten minutes or so. Warning: some Dolmuş will leave you at the gate of the campus, a 15-minute walk away from the main building and the event venue. Dolmuş going all the way leave from Sarıyer every 30 minutes or so. Allow 30 Minutes for the ride.

From Haciosman Metro: take a taxi to campus (app. 20TL), a bus to Sarıyer then dolmuş to campus or the direct bus to campus (number 154). Warning: afternoon 154 buses are rare, the recommended schedule is the 3:40 bus to Campus. Alternately, bus 150 will leave you at the campus gates.


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November 8, 2013 at 3:48 pm

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