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Ned Markosian at Bogazici

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We are delighted to have Ned Markosian of Western Washington University join us for a week at Bogazici University. Ned works primarily in metaphysics, but also has work on ethics, decision theory, and epistemology. He will be giving two talks, and we will also have a reading discussion group on a manuscript of his. Please join us if you can.


Talk, Tuesday, Sep 24, 5-7pm

“Do You Know That You Are Not a Brain in a Vat?”

TB (Anderson Hall) 130


Reading discussion group, Thu, Sep 26, 5-7pm

“The Right Stuff” (in the Departmental Dropbox, Reading Groups -> Markosian) (email me for a copy if you can attend and don’t have the departmental dropbox link, and, in any case, please rsvp marksteen[at-symbol]gmail[dot]com)

TB (Anderson Hall) 365 (the Denkel seminar room)


Talk, Friday, Sep 27, 5-7pm

“The A-Theory of Time and Time Travel to the Past”

TB (Anderson Hall) 130

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September 18, 2013 at 1:22 pm

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