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Talk at Bogazici: Jon Mahoney (Kansas State) on “Democratic Equality and Religious Freedom” 01/08/2013

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Jon Mahoney (Kansas State University) will give a talk this Thursday (01/08/2013) from 5-7pm in TB130. Everyone welcome.

“Democratic Equality and Religious Freedom”

ABSTRACT: In this paper I defend a democratic equality approach to religious freedom.  The focus is on a perennial problem in modern political philosophy: How can state religion policy be reconciled to what political morality demands and what political reality permits?  Putting the question this way makes clear how in applied political philosophy we are interested in addressing some of the inevitable conflicts that arise between moral requirements for political legitimacy and the circumstances that limit the set of feasible yet legitimate options.



Written by Lucas Thorpe

July 27, 2013 at 6:31 pm

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