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Student organised philosophy talk at Bogezici tomorrow: Reiner Mühlhoff (FU Berlin) “Affective resistance: On a Foucauldian notion of critique and social change” (21/06/2013)

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A student writes: “Freie Universitat Berlin, Reiner Mühlhoff (PhD student), is in İstanbul for vacation. We were talking with him
yesterday and I convinced him to give an open lecture/talk to us.” Here are the details:

“Affective resistance: On a Foucauldian notion of critique and social change”.

The talk will be at 5.15pm in TB130 at Bogazici University. 21.06.2013.

ABSTRACT: The aim of this talk is to take a look upon movements of social change from a subject-theoretical perspective. The talk consists of three parts: First, we shall elaborate on Michel Foucault’s notions of critique and subjectivity [1], where we shall see that critique and being critical is something inextricably related to the subject’s self-relation and social existence (“Haltung”, stance, hexis). Second, drawing on this and some additional concepts from Gilles Deleuze, two notions of social change shall be contrasted: The one is dialectical, i.e. based on alterity, contradiction, rational negotiation; the other is differential, meaning a processual notion of change as a motion into an openness, transgressing existing social and epistemic structures. In a third part (if there’s time), I shall outline my ideas on how affectivity and Foucauldian critique is essential to facilitate social and political change of the second kind, i.e. that kind of change which leads to genuine systemic transformations instead of merely shifting power balances _within_ an otherwise untouched system.

[1] On critique see Foucaults essay “What is Critique?” and Judith Butlers (2002) article “What is Critique? An Essay on Foucault’s
Virtue”. On the relation of subjectivity and power, see Foucault, “The Subject and Power” (1982).


Written by Lucas Thorpe

June 20, 2013 at 7:45 pm

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