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Talk by Gürol Irzık at Fatih University: From Paradigms to Taxonomic Lexicons – Thomas Kuhn’s Linguistic Turn

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It has been fifty years since Thomas Kuhn’s “Structure of Scientific Revolutions” was first published. On this occasion, the Philosophy Department of Fatih University and Fatih Felsefe Kulübü are happy to host a talk by

Gürol Irzık (Sabancı Üniversitesi)

From Paradigms to Taxonomic Lexicons: Thomas Kuhn’s Linguistic Turn

Date: Wed. 19 December 2012

Time: 2 pm – 3.30 pm

Room: M-226 (opposite library entrance)

The speaker will trace the evolution of Kuhn’s views about  science from *The Structure of Scientific Revolutions* to *The Road  Since Structure*. This evolution can be described in terms of the increasing tendency in Kuhn’s roughly post-1980 writings to emphasize the role played by taxonomic lexicons in particular and language  learning process in general in the characterization of scientific revolutions and incommensurability.

The claim will  be defended that Kuhn’s linguistic turn can be understood best against the background of a Whorfian  conception of language and certain neo-Kantian themes.

How to reach us:

By public transport: Metrobus direction Beylikdüzü/TÜYAP, get off one stop before terminus (Hadımköy), take the blue bus 418 or the yellow (sometimes green or red and white) HT18 towards Hadımköy (ca. 15 min. to Fatih Kampüsü).

By car: leave the TEM at Hadımköy gişeleri, turn right and follow the signs for Fatih Üniversitesi


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