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Workshop at Bogazici: The Logic, Metaphysics, and Morals of Plurals and Mass Terms

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There will be a conference at Bogazici University on October 12th and 13th on the metaphysical and moral ramifications of the logic and semantics of mass and plural quantification and predication. The first day consists of educational seminars on the logic and semantics of mass and plural expressions, so people should feel comfortable showing up who know nothing about the topic. Luckily, we will be taught by two world experts on the subject. On day 2 we will get into the ramifications of the topics covered in day 1.

If you have any questions please contact marksteen[at symbol]gmail[dot]com. Registration is free, and all are welcome. Exact locations will be announced soon in the comments below and on the Bogazici Philosophy Department Event Calendar. Links to philosophers’ webpages/information can be found below.

Friday, October 12
12:30-2:00   – Lunch at the Kennedy Lodge
3:15-4:45     – David Nicolas educational seminar: “The Logic of Mass Expressions”
4:45-5:00     – Break
5:00-6:30     – Thomas McKay educational seminar: “Plurals and Distribution”
7:00            – Dinner, location TBA

Saturday, October 13
10-12          – William Wringe: “Who are We, What Are We Doing and Are We Harming the Worst-Off? Pogge’s
Problem with Plurals.”
12-1:00       – Lunch on your own
1:00 3:00    – David Nicolas, “Mass Nouns and Plural Logic”
3:00-3:15    – Break
3:15-5:15    – Irem Kurtsal Steen, “LOL! No x is a cat, but some Xs are-a-cat”
5:15-5:30    – Break
5:30-7:30    – Thomas McKay, “From Mass to Plural”
7:30-          – Dinner, location TBA


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September 28, 2012 at 11:02 am

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