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Jeremy Bell at Fatih Üniversitesi

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Taking Pains: Plato on the Care of Self and Others

Mon. 10 Sept. 2012 12:00 noon

Hadımköy Campus, room A-306 (İbn-i Haldun Anfisi, previously known as Blue Hall)

Speaker’s abstract:

In this paper, I analyze the relationship between ethics and politics in Plato’s thought in order to demonstrate that Plato understood this relationship to be characterized by an ineradicable element of agonism and instability.  Drawing upon texts such as the Apology, Alcibiades I, Gorgias, and Symposium, as well as upon Foucault’s late works, I take the epimeleia heautou, “the care of the self,” as the organizing theme of my analysis, in order to show that this agonism has the aporetic result that, though Plato conceived of the ethics of the care both of oneself and others as the truest form of statesmanship, he was nevertheless unwilling or unable to generalize it into an unproblematic political system.

How to reach us:

By public transport: Thankfully, the metrobus extension has been completed. Direction TÜYAP, get off one stop before terminus (misleadingly called Hadımköy), take the blue bus 418 or the yellow (sometimes green or red and white) HT18 towards Hadımköy (ca. 15 min. to Fatih Kampüsü)

By car: leave the TEM at Hadımköy gişeleri, turn right and follow the signs for Fatih Üniversitesi


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