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Sorin Baiasu at Bilkent

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Sorin Baiasu, from Keele University, will give the following talk on Tuesday 10 April, 15.40, G160.


The attempt to discuss the process of practical justification in Kant encounters several difficulties. First and paradoxically, although an examination of Kant?s justification of various (especially practical) norms
is under way in the literature and most of the Kantians have something to say about this topic, yet not much has been written on Kant?s view of justification [Rechtfertigung]. Secondly, what has been written on Kant?s Rechtfertigung suggests that practical Rechtfertigung in Kant is a non-epistemic notion and, hence, a notion that cannot be placed within an account of Kant?s moral or practical epistemology. Thirdly, Kant makes use of the notion of Rechtfertigung in many ways and many contexts, so much so that it sometimes looks like we are dealing with more than one concept under the same name. In this paper, I hope to answer all these questions in a way which shows that Kant?s view of practical justification is unitary and coherent, that it is significant for practical epistemology and that it overlaps with the contemporary notion of justification in a way which makes it relevant for the numerous current debates.

All welcome.


Written by Sandrine Berges

March 29, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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