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Iulian Toader (Bucharest) at Bogazici, March 30th.

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Iulian Toader (University of Bucharest — Center for Logic, History and Philosophy of Science) will be giving a talk on “Weylean Skepticism” at Bogazici University this Friday, March 30th, from 3-5 pm in TB130.

Iulian Toader received his Phd from the University of Notre Dame, where he worked with Michael Detlefsen and Don Howard.


In this paper, I present a view according to which there is a fundamental tension between the conditions required for scientific objectivity and those needed for mathematical understanding: to the extent that it helps one attain objectivity, mathematics may do so only at the expense of understanding, and to the extent that it aims at understanding, may do so only by sacrificing objectivity. I think that this view should be attributed to Weyl and I therefore call it Weylean skepticism. After clarifying what Weyl himself thought were the necessary conditions for understanding and objectivity, I explain why they lead to this type of skepticism. Then I argue that there is no tenable answer to Weylean skepticism in the contemporary literature, which motivates my exploration of some possible responses.


Written by Lucas Thorpe

March 26, 2012 at 9:05 pm

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