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Philosophy Seminar at Istanbul Technical University, 13th March

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David Horst (University of Leipzig) will present a seminar paper on ‘Practical Knowledge’ (abstract below)

Day: Tuesday, 13th March

Time: 13:30

Place: Seminar Room, Department of Humanities and Social Science, Faculty of Science and Letters, Istanbul Technical University, Ayazağa Campus (which is in Maslak not Ayazağa!), on the metro line from Taksim.

Practical Knowledge Abstract

In her book Intention G. E. M. Anscombe famously claims that acting intentionally essentially involves knowledge of one’s action. Doing something intentionally is doing it knowingly. In my talk I shall offer an interpretation and defense of her claim. In doing so, I will, first, clarify the claim that there is an essential connection between knowledge and intentional action. Second, I will argue for the negative claim that, if there is such an essential connection between knowledge and intentional action, the relevant kind of knowledge cannot be observational or inferential knowledge. Third, I attempt to show that the knowledge involved in intentional action must be practical knowledge, and to specify what a positive conception of such knowledge must look like.


Written by Barry Stocker

March 8, 2012 at 9:27 pm

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