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Philosophy Seminar at Istanbul Technical University, 6th March

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Turning the Tables on Truth: An Objection to Williamson’s Proof of Necessary Existence
Aviv Hoffmann (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

March 6th


Seminar Room

Department of Humanities and Science

Faculty of Science and Letters

ITU Ayazağa Campus
Timothy Williamson (2002) thinks he can prove he is a necessary  existent. His aim in giving the ‘proof’ is to show that every object  whatsoever is a necessary existent–contrary, perhaps, to what most of  us would think. This proof is of fundamental importance: it puts the  conceptual scheme involving propositions, truth, necessity, and  existence under severe pressure. We can ignore the pressure and learn  to love the conclusion that every object is a necessary existent.  Alternatively, we can find a way to resist the pressure, and that is  what I do in this paper. I argue that we must reject one of the  premisses of the proof, namely that, necessarily, if the proposition  that Williamson does not exist is true, then that proposition exists.  The general thesis I advance is that truth is not a property. It is a  corollary of this thesis that (pace Williamson) not every predication  ascribes a property.

Written by Barry Stocker

February 29, 2012 at 7:42 pm

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